Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit 2017

Area of Responsibility: Evening Event Creative and Management

About The Event

Asembia Summit is where Speciality Pharmacy meets, combining business and education. For more than a decade, Asembia has been working with specialty pharmacies, manufacturers, prescribers, payers and other industry stakeholders to develop solutions for the high-touch specialty pharmaceutical service model. Through collaborative programs, contracting initiatives, patient support hub services and innovative technology platforms, Asembia is committed to positively impacting the patient journey.

Client Objective: For Summit to continue to remain the most important forum for conducting business in the specialty marketplace. The need for a seamless check in process and functional evening events where networking could remain a focus was identified.

Solution: After multiple creative and brainstorming meetings, the Asembia and Drive creative teams found the right mix of props, graphics, creative and entertainment.

Result: Satisfied client and attendees with Drive being invited back for 2018!